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Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Bonding Metal

EVA hot melt adhesive film can bond metal and non-metal materials, but often the performance can not meet the test requirements of materials. For the bonding of metal and non-metal materials, we often use PES or PO hot melt adhesive film. These two types of hot melt film products have a good bonding effect on metals.

For example, for the bonding of aluminum foil and PE plastic, we will use a hot melt film product of PO hot melt adhesive film, with good bonding strength, very high peeling force, and water resistance that can pass the test standard. Therefore, this hot melt adhesive film is widely used in many decorative boards.

Of course, metal and non-metal materials themselves are also very many types, different materials have different products. Such as copper bonding, and PP material bonding is difficult to solve the problem in the industry. We are more experienced in the bonding of this kind of material, welcome to discuss it with us.

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