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Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Professional Manufacturer

Hengning is your trusted hot melt adhesive granule supplier. We provide hot melt adhesive granules of different types and materials.

  • Free samples of different melting points and melt index
  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free
  • High viscosity and high elasticity
  • Wide range of applications

What is hot melt adhesive granule?

Hot melt adhesive granules are also called hot melt glue pellets. Hot melt adhesive granule is a plastic adhesive product, it is in a certain temperature range of its physical state with the change of temperature, and chemical characteristics unchanged. Hot melt adhesive granule non-toxic and tasteless is an environmental protection hot melt adhesive. It can produce hot melt adhesive film and hot melt adhesive web. It is also used in packaging in all walks of life.

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Series

TPU hot melt adhesive granule

TPU hot melt adhesive granule could be used by hot-melt coating, spraying, and casting to produce film, web, and powder. It has excellent bonding strength, good washing resistance, and dry cleaning resistance

PA hot melt adhesive granule

PA hot melt adhesive granule could be used by hot-melt coating, to produce film, web, net and tape. It has excellent bonding strength and good washing resistance. Widely used in Automotive Interior Decoration, Reflective Materials, and other industries.

PES hot melt adhesive granule

PES hot melt adhesive granule has good washing resistance and dry cleaning resistance. Widely in many fields of the zipper tape, packing materials, reflective materials, automotive interior decoration, household textiles, and filter materials.

EVA hot melt adhesive granule

EVA hot melt adhesive granule has good fluidity, good permeability, and fast curing. Widely used in textile accessories, adhesive carton packaging, and other fields.

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule by Functions (4)

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule by Colors (3)

Hengning Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Advantages

High Quality
High Quality

We have a strict quality management system to ensure high-quality products

highly customizable
Highly Customizable

You can customize the melting point, finger, etc. We will try our best to meet customer’s customization requirements


Hengning’s products through SGS environmental protection certification, ensure product safety and environmental protection

long sheif life
Long Sheif Life

Our products are newly produced and have a long shelf life. Store in a dry and cool place for up to 2 years

Hengninng Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

We provide hot melt granules of TPU, PES, PA, and EVA with 5 different materials. There are lots of different melt indexes with different melting points for you to choose from.

Hengninng Hot Melt Adhesive Granule
R&D by Hengning

R&D by Hengning

Due to the variety of materials to be bonded and the different conditions of users’ processes and equipment, we encounter situations where the existing models and specifications cannot meet the needs of our customers. We provide customization services for new product development when the existing products cannot meet the customer’s needs. After full communication with the customer, we will develop new products in cooperation with the customer.

Choose Hengning To Produce Your Hot Melt Adhesive Granule

Hengning p1
Hengning p2

Hot melt adhesive granule has wide applications, there are also many kinds of materials. We can provide suitable products according to customers’ needs. We are determined to integrate the R&D and production of hot melt adhesive granules.

Hengning Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Packaging

Hot melt adhesive powder sample packaging

We can provide free samples for customers to test, packed in small sealed bags.

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Regular Packaging

We use thickened plastic bags for the large package of hot melt granules, and the shelf life is 2 years under dry and ventilated storage conditions.

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Applications

Production of hot melt adhesive film (1)

Hot melt adhesive granule can produce hot melt adhesive film for bonding between materials.

Production of hot melt adhesive web (1)

Hot melt adhesive web film is made of hot melt adhesive granule and can be used to bond materials.

Production of hot melt adhesive powder (1)

Hot melt adhesive granules can be ground into hot melt adhesive powder. Widely used in heat transfer printing, hot stamping, and other fields.

Packaging materials

Hot melt adhesive granules can be used to bond cartons and seal the sides of cartons.

Air filter

The air filter can be bonded with hot melt adhesive granule, and it has a good effect.

Hengning services
Hengning-Professional Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Manufacturer

For hot melt adhesive granules,Hengning has a professional R & D team, which can be oriented according to your needs.

If you want to know more, please contact us now!

Hot Melt Adhesive Granule Details

  • “We have cooperated with Hengning for 3 years, and their product quality and service attitude are very good. Hengning is our reliable hot melt adhesive granule manufacture.”

  • “The technical team of Hengning developed products beyond my imagination, and the product quality fully meets my requirements. Thanks to Hengning!”

  • “We are very happy to cooperate with Hengning, they are very professional manufacturers, looking forward to the next cooperation with Hengning.”

May I have your samples?

If you need some samples for the test, please let us know your full address with a courier, and we will arrange samples for your reference.

Do you accept OEM or ODM?

Yes, we accept OEM and ODM. We have over ten years of production experience and professional R & D team. If you have custom requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

What about the payment?

Payment ≤1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment ≥1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.

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