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Hot Melt Adhesive Film in Life

You may not have heard of hot melt adhesive film, but it’s really close to home.
Adhesives are used a lot in our daily life. There are many kinds of adhesives, including solid, liquid, lump, and powder. For example, the glue and solid glue used to stick paper in our daily life, as well as 502 glue, super glue, and so on. For hot melt adhesive film this adhesive, most people do not understand, because it is not like the above-mentioned adhesive products are widely used by the general public. Hot melt film is used in many manufacturing industries as an industrial adhesive.
Although many people have not heard of hot melt film, it is actually very close to us. Our clothes are traditionally made by the sewing process. With the emergence of hot melt film, there are already clothes made by sewing process without hot melt film. People who pay attention to it will find that now many of our clothes have the use of adhesive stickers, such as traceless socks, clothes, waterproof zippers are the use of hot melt adhesive film. For example, we wear shoes, in fact, the use of hot melt film is very much a product. Shoe uppers, insole, heel, and sole of these parts will involve the use of hot melt adhesive film because these parts are not only a layer of material but several layers of material composite together, which requires the use of hot melt film as a composite adhesive.
In addition, our daily use of mobile phones,  and other electronic products, the home decorations used wall cloth, and shading curtains, are all involved in the use of hot melt film, so hot melt film is really around us.

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