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Hot Melt Adhesive Film Hot Pressing 3 Elements

The first element: Temperature. Hot melt adhesive film needs to be heated to become sticky. Otherwise, it is indistinguishable from an ordinary plastic film. Therefore, the temperature is the first condition for hot melt adhesive film to get good bonding.

The second element: Pressure. When we bond the material, the hot melt adhesive film is placed between the bonding materials, and a certain pressure needs to be applied at the same time, in order to finally get a good bonding effect.

The third element: Time. It takes time to heat the hot melt adhesive film, and it also takes time to spread the hot melt film on the surface of the adhesive. The hot pressing time can neither be too long nor too short.

Therefore, temperature, pressure, and time are the three elements of hot melt adhesive film. We need to listen to the advice of professionals when using hot melt adhesive film, in order to better use hot melt film products.

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