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Adventages of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

Hot melt adhesive film is a plastic adhesive, non-toxic and tasteless, and belongs to environmental protection chemical adhesive products.
It is mainly used in the bonding between materials, similar to double-sided adhesive, but needs to be heated to bond. Hot melt adhesive film has excellent adhesion and washing resistance. It has a low melting point, high elasticity, mildew proof, and antibacterial properties.
Hot melt adhesive film are made of various materials, including PES/PA/EVA/TPU/PO, etc. Due to the classification of various, the application of hot melt film is also very wide and widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, medical, automotive, electronics, building materials, and other fields.
Product compound firm, easy to operate, low comprehensive cost, and environmental protection, because of the advantages, hot melt adhesive film products are more and more popular.

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